Timber solutions for fireproof cladding

The flame-retardant process of the wood is carried out in an autoclave, with vacuum – pressure – vacuum cycles, thus achieving an in-depth treatment. We use a product of our own creation which does not change the final appearance of the wood.

A double treatment is feasible combining the outdoor with the fireproofing, thereby opening up the possibility of fireproofing façade cladding, or of interior cladding to be installed in wet areas, such as spas , hot tubs, etc. in order to comply with C.T.E. (Technical Building Code , TBC)

Our fireproofed wood has endless combinations for your projects.

For flooring

We have the possibility to flame retard our decking profiles. Consult us on the wood species that give us that possibility. In species such as pine, we achieve a reaction to fire performance grading of Bfl – s1.

For walls and ceilings

All our interior timber profiles can be fireproofed. Please check with us the wood species that give us this possibility. In species such as pine, we achieve a reaction to fire classification of B- s1, d0.



Customized profiles and Model no. 910 (145×22) FIRE RETARDANT + CLASS USE 3 RED PINE

Fire Retardant +class use 3 red pine rhomboidal profile .

  • Dimensions: width = 145 mm, thickness = 22 mm.

  • Indoor and outdoor installation.

  • IGNIFUGATED treatment to improve the reaction to fire.

  •  When calculating the surface area, an additional 10% must be taken into account for the loss in the overlap.

  • Pls. consult for other finishes, wood species and treatments.



Tongue and groove profile in fireproof red pine wood. It is a model with grooves on the front and holes on the back that forms a system together with 25mm thick rock wool panels with acoustic veil and provides an improvement in acoustic conditioning in the rooms in which it is installed. Valid as both ceiling and wall cladding.

  • Profile for ACOUSTIC conditioning.

  • Absorption coefficient (αm) = 0,50.

  • IGNIFUGATED treatment to improve reaction to fire.

  • Dimensions: width = 96 mm, thickness = 13 mm.

  • Valid for INDOOR installation.

  • When calculating the surface area, an additional 10% must be taken into account for the loss in the tongue and groove joint.

  • Possibility of untreated production.

  • Consult for other finishes and wood species.

  • 5 other models are available, which can be combined with each other and with different absorption coefficients.

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